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Lucille Janssen

Jan 25
to me
Our area museums are putting together a brochure to help promote the small town history preserved at our museums. Thought I might put a link to your site on the brochure if anyone wanted to research Shaw.  I wanted you to know that we have put up another building (in addition to the original one) in which we have displayed a number of Shaw equipment pieces. I have put together a Facebook page called Galesburg Historical Society and Museum and added quite a few photos of displays. Thought maybe you'd want to add this link to your site, or copy photos to include.


                                  July 18-19-20, 2014

       {As announced in the Dec-Jan issue of Vintage Garden Tractor Club of America newsletter the 2014 Shaw meet wil be held in conjunction with the Blue Mountain Antique Gas and Steam Engine Ass'n Show.}


                  For more information contact Stan Pierson either by:



                                        4299 Nye Rd.  W. Springfield, PA 16443


  If you're a regular viewer of the AMERICAN PICKERS then you probably saw the 112th episode, on Nov. 6, 2013, in which nearly half of the hour long show was devoted to Shaw.  It was a great mix of humor, knowledge and history.  



Facing the camera is Mike Trotnic, owner of a Kansas scrap metal business.  With his butt to us on the left is Mike Wolfe the creator of American Pickers.  To the right, also with his butt to us is his trusty partner Frank Fritz. 

Fortunately, Mike Trotnic, himself also a 'picker' has saved everything of value, which includes Shaw bikes, at least one Shaw Speedster and probaby a tractor or two.     







I have been informed that I am currently using 102% of the available mb space for this website, which means that I'll have to delete some photos from past years to make room, or else create a link for more American Picker pictures else where ... or little of both.  

Well, here is a link, but for the time being you'll have to fill in your own commentary.  I hope to create a link to the entire 112th episode, but you may be able to view it on the history channel yourself.  Check out the requirements.  Oh, in case you are wondering, the lovely queen of the gypsies is Danielle.




2013 Brownsville, PA  August 9, 10, 11.

     My high school class's 50th reunion took priority this year.  I must admit that many of us looked like we were in need of some serious restoration work ourselves.  Yet, there is something to be said for the 'vintage look'.

     Stan Pierson took some excellent pictures though and forwarded them along.  He also reported that there were 22 Shaws on display, along with their 9 exhibitors.



Left to Right (Hope I get this right)

 Steve Janiszewski and daughter, Fred Shaw's son and his two sons,  Fred Shaw, Dave Janiszewski, Stan & Irene Janiszewski, Jim Willmans,  Joanne & Nick Feestra,  Gloria & Stan Pierson, Cathy & Randy Brooks, Ann & Cliff Bridgford.













   Stan says that 2014's gathering will be back at Jacktown in Bangor, PA.  Date still unknown.




2012 Richwood, Ohio

    What a difference a year can make --- at least as far as the weather is concerned.  Last year's Shaw meet was drenched with rain, this year's was drenched with sunshine.  That is, except for the group picture.     The sun was out and shining brightly, but it was behind and to the right.  So everyone's face in the the 'dark shadows.'  

                                     [Names to be included later]



                                  On your mark; Get set.....



It wasn't easy getting anyone to look up when the food was so good.  I believe it was Joe Franklin's daughter and her husband who put this meal together.  Excellent.


   Speaking of Du-All.  There she is (the master chef) with her two kids riding behind.  The shade tree was a nice touch.


   Sometime during dinner the subject turned to gluten-free, so naturally I had to go look for some free-gluten. 


   All in all, it turned out to be a real nice meet.  We'll have to do it again next year!  Hopefully Clifford will be able to make. 

   Also, I've said it before, but I'll say it again if your looking for a good laugh this coming fall and winter, plus some good info,  you've got to subscribe to the Vintage Garden Tractor Club of America newsletter.     

   (Who knows, maybe that unsolicited plug will get this website some mention in Jim's newsletter.) 








Left to Right Seated  (Wilma Hahn, Joanne Freenstra, Irene Janiszewiski, Mary Speelman, Gloria Hagan, Ina Anguish).

Standing (Tom Speelman, Ray Hahn, Clifford Bridgford, Nick Freenstra, Jim Herbert, Doug Tallman, Stan Janiszewiski, Gene Speelman, Joe Franklin, Stan Pierson, Tony Speelman, Phil Angish, Walt Kulpa, David Kidd).


August 2011


People in the picture are  left to right  Nick Feenstra,Phil Anguish,Joanne Feenstra,Ina Anguish,Dave Janiszewski,Irene Janiszewski Irene's grandaughter,Stan Janiszewski,Steve Janiszewski,Fred Shaw,Stan Pierson,Randy Brooks,Kathy Brooks,Gloria Hagan,Doug Tallman,Gene Speelman,Tony Speelman,Greg Hahn,Wilma Hahn,Ray Hahn,Joe Franklin, Jim Cunzenheim.


I wasn't at the meet on Saturday evening, when this year's group photo was  taken.  So, thanks Stan for sending this picture.  There are some new faces

     I thought there was a photo of the Shaw equipment looking both to the left and right, but when I got home I could only find one facing to the left.  I'll blame it on the camera.  Thanks again to Stan for the right side of the line photo.  As you can easily see, Shaw had a big footprint (actually tire track) at this year's show. 



     There was a rather dramatic change in the weather in comparison to last year's.  Last year's report started out by writing about how nicely the weather was cooperating.  Not so this year.  Friday was OK, but by Saturday the rain came down in buckets for most of the day.  Vendors kept their goods under wrap; many of the scheduled events were canceled; I left early -- missing dinner because riding around on a motorcyle in the mud and rain was a little too challenging for me.

     The good news was that the Shawsters were able to link-up again with the Vintage Garden Tractor Club of America (VGTCOA).  If you don't receive Jim C's newsletter you should give it a go for at least a year.  Your missing out on not only some good info, but also some good chuckles. 

    We saw some new (well old) and interesting Shaw equipment this year.  Stan Pierson showed up with a one of a kind Shaw Equipped conversion tractor.  This is the first one I've ever seen.


     Clifford (no need for the last name...there's only one Clifford) brought alone a recently acquired and very rare Shaw cultivator, complete with a Shaw engine.  We talked a little about the restoration project. Would it be finished off with red, green or a good oil rub.  I'm starting to favor the authenticy that comes with an oil rub.  [I don't know how that other evidently finely restored piece of equipment jumped into the background.]


    It was great to see everyone again.  For me, it's all starting to feel like an extended family.  Speaking of family, my report from last year mentioned that my significant-other, of the last 20+ years might be retired this summer be able to make the trip along with me.  Well, she is semi-retired now, but spending more time playing gigs that include a cello instrument. She had a concert that Sunday afternoon.  Maybe next year.

   The decision to travel by motorcycle was last minute.  I didn't factor in the possibility of eight hours of rain, otherwise I would have travel by Jeep.  If anyone wants to recap the news that I might have missed during Saturday's dinner, feel free to email me with any scuttlebut, rumors, even facts regarding what I missed that we should all know about.  

   Oh, which reminds me:  There probably aren't many among the Shawsters that are motorcyclist...except Greg Hahn and Tony Speelman, but gaze upon this work of art found quietly parked at this year's Loyalsock fest.  The garbage can covers as hub caps also add a nice final touch.  It's a cross between a tractor and a three wheeler bike.  I wonder if it can do wheelys!




Last But Not least



  We've made it to the cover the Lycoming County's Webb Weekly.  Well, I shouldn't say "we."  Stan Pierson and his Shaw T45 made it to the front page.

  As I recall, Stan was having some trouble with his breathing last summer.  He kept an oxygen tank near by.  This year, not only does the T45 look nicely restored, but it appears that his own "carborator" has been cleaned up.  Which means the picture includes two nicely restored pieces of vintage equipment.  Best wishes to Stan and thanks for getting us all that extra publicity.






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