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100th Anniversary 2003
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National Shaw DU-ALL Tractor Club

The Shaw DU-ALL tractor club is an organization of over 300 Shaw collectors that meet annually at tractor and gas engine shows across the country for a national get together. The club also serves as a means of exchanging technical information, parts, and is a resource for locating other Shaw owners. For a number of years a Shaw newsletter has been published from time to time by club president, Clifford Bridgford, of Litchfield, New Hampshire. Clifford has extensive knowledge of the various Shaw models and has been a Shaw collector and enthusiast for many years.

The club met in Galesburg, Kansas in 1996 and again in 2003 for the 100th anniversary celebration of the founding of Shaw Manufacturing Company. There were 87 exhibitors and visitors present from all over the United States.

Clifford Bridgford, 22 Nesenberg Drive, Litchfield, NH 03051. 603.424.7003.


Don and Rita Heath, collectors from Oklahoma, posted a review of Galesburg Days Shaw Show on the web. They have attended the event for many years and helped plan the 2003 event.

"For those of you who have Shaw Du-All tractors and walk-behinds, here is a little bit of information you might like to know. Each year in July, the first Saturday after the 4th of July, the sleepy little town of Galesburg, KS opens its arms to the world. The affair is a small one but those of us who have a small piece of Galesburg history travel from out of state to show off our Shaws and for a brief time become a part of this lovely little community. The people there are the most friendly people in the world and invite you to just partake of everything and just be family for a while."

"Also, you never know when a member of the original Shaw family or a relative of theirs is liable to walk up, pat you on the back and say they are sure glad you came and will spend all the time in the world talking to you about your little piece of history."

"My wife and I were at the last National Show and the folks who came from back east were as eager to talk to us as we were to talk to them. Shaw had a plant in the east also, and if you have ever heard the rumor that no two Shaw are alike, you could almost believe it looking at what showed up at the National Show."

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