Bikes to Tractors

   I've been told they're out there.  John Hasty sent me some photos that included auto to tractor  conversions.  Clifford's newsletter listed four Shaw equipped cars/tractors on his roster.  But I'll be danged if I can say I've ever seen one for sure, other than in this very sketchy bit of advertisement ---That is until the summer of 2011!

tryagain 040.jpg 


  Now we've got one, live and in the flesh.  Check out Stan Pierson's newest purchase.  It's pictured in the current news section.

  In the section having to do with useful website links, there is link sent to me by Tony Blok of Antique Farming.  It features a 28 page brochure about SHAW tractorizing a used auto.  Of course, now a days, if your lucky enough to own an original Ford Model T or A, the last thing you're going to do is convert to a farm tractor! 


   So now they are coming out of the woodwork!

   Ron Bashista ( sent these two photos.  The first  is from when he brought it home and the second is now, which is when it's about 60% restored.  He writes that he'll send the third when its finished.

    He says that he had it running the first day.  However, because I'm beginning to run out of website space, I'll have to limit the pictures to just a one before and two after photos.



    That was fast!  Ron just sent pictures of the finished Model T to Shaw conversion.  He's done quite a job, especially when you consider what he started out with. 

   Ron, we all want to thank you, not only for doing such a great job of restoration, but just as importantly for doing your part to get that 18th Amendment repealed.  Cheers.  Ron also writes that more pictures of the restoration can be seen at the Model T Ford Club of America website in the Forum section.






I should mention that Stan Pierson also has a Ford Model A that has been converted to accomodate Shaw equipment.  It can be seen in the 'News' section in both the 2013 and 2012 photos.  The canary yellow makes it easy to spot.

     I've been asked if there was a kit for converting a Model A to a workable Shaw tractor.  I don't think there was a kit.  What you did was take your Model A, or what was left of it after a car wreck or after rust had gotten the best of body --- assuming that the engine, frame and transmission was still in good shape --- and began attaching whatever Shaw implements you might need.  Those impliments probably came with instructions for mounting.  (I figure that there is a 50 - 50 chance that one of those spellings for implement/impliment is correct.)




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